Corporate Governance

There is a growing demand for independent directors to provide objective oversight of alternative products. This is being driven by the needs of investors, service providers and regulatory authorities. At the core of this is independence; independence from the investment manager and independence from all other service providers. Independent directors can ensure proper checks and balances exist throughout the life of the fund product through effective high level corporate governance. A truly independent director is now seen to add value to the overall fund structure by enhancing fiduciary oversight. At HF, we embrace the following core values to as part of our service model:

  • Understand our Responsibilities

    We understand our responsibilities as directors from both a legal and regulatory perspective.

  • To Keep Up To Date

    We stay current with changes in the regulatory environment and current trends with alternative investment funds.

  • Regular Contact

    We liaise with the key service providers to the fund on a regular basis. This is achieved through direct interaction with the Manager, including annual visits to their offices, liaising with the fund administrator, auditors and lawyers.

  • Issue Focused

    Emphasis is placed on key areas of the funds operations such as valuation, counter party risk, fee calculations and regulatory compliance.

  • Review of Compliance, Internal Controls and Risks

    Regular review of both internal and external reports from our clients with an emphasis on regulatory compliance and risk management. This is supplemented through annual meetings with the funds auditors.

  • Receipt of Quality Information

    Information obtained from the investment manager and the funds service providers is of sufficient quality to allow us to carry out our oversight role.

  • Plan and Prepare

    All board material is properly reviewed in advance of any meeting.

  • Committed

    Our managed capacity model ensures we have sufficient time to commit to every fund relationship.

  • Independence

    We are completely independent of the investment manager and all fund service providers such that there are no conflicts of interest.

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